Bart Hobijn
Academic Bio
Department of Economics, Arizona State University
501 E. Orange St.
Tempe, AZ 85287-9801, USA
T +1-480-965-0215
July 31, 2021
Bart Hobijn joined the Economics Department at the W.P. Carey School of Business
at Arizona State University in the summer of 2015. Mr. Hobijn is an applied
macroeconomist, whose special interests are technological progress and economic
growth, price measurement, and labor market dynamics. He is on leave at the
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco during the 2021-2022 academic year.
Prior to joining ASU, mr. Hobijn worked in the Economic Research departments of
the Federal Reserve Banks of San Francisco and New York. He also taught classes at
U.C. Berkeley, City University of New York, New York University, and VU University
Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.
Mr. Hobijn serves as member of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ technical advisory
committee. He completed his Ph.D. in economics at New York University and his
MS in econometrics at Erasmus University Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.
His research has been published in several of the leading academic journals in eco-
nomics, including the American Economic Review, Quarterly Journal of Economics,
and Journal of Monetary Economics. He has more than 60 publications and more
than 7500 citations on Google Scholar.
Selected publications
Bonam, Dennis and Bart Hobijn (2021). Generalized Stability of Monetary Unions
Under Regime Switching in Monetary and Fiscal Policies”. In: Journal of Money,
Credit and Banking 53.1, pp. 73–94.
Hobijn, Bart, Fernanda Nechio, and Adam Hale Shapiro (2021). Using Brexit to
identify the nature of price rigidities”. In: Journal of International Economics 130,
p. 103448. issn: 0022-1996.
Hobijn, Bart and Fernanda Nechio (2019). Sticker shocks: using VAT changes
to estimate upper-level elasticities of substitution”. In: Journal of the European
Economic Association 17.3, pp. 799–833.
Comin, Diego and Bart Hobijn (2010). An Exploration of Technology Diffusion”.
In: American Economic Review 100.5, pp. 2031–2059.
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