Bart Hobijn
Department of Economics, Arizona State University
501 E. Orange St.
Tempe, AZ 85287-9801, USA
T +1-480-965-0215
July 31, 2021
Teaching at Arizona State University
and goals
I am not only a scholar of technology adoption. I am also a proponent of the adoption
of technology in the classroom and the adoption of alternative education technologies
beyond the classroom. In light of that, I teach an online course that is offered as
part of ASU’s Earned Admission program. Moreover, I teach a hybrid undergraduate
class on economic datareleases. Hybrid classes have the lecture materials online.
Classroom time is used for assignments, discussions, and applications. I use this
format to teach students practical current analysis of economic data. The emphasis
on the practical side in this course material reflects my goal to get students in their
junior and senior years ready for the workplace. My classes for PhD students also
focus on the more practical side of the research process. This is to get students out
of the mindset of reading and doing homework into the practice of trial-and-error
that is crucial for doing research.
2021 Dean’s List for Teaching Impact
, Arizona State University, W.P. Carey S chool
of Business.
2020 ‘Entrepreneurial Approach to Learning’ Award
, Arizona State University,
W.P. Carey S chool of Business, For innovation in teaching methods and course
2015–Now Arizona State University, W.P. Carey School of Business.
2020–Now ECN 411: Analysis of the U.S. economy Hybrid class on current analysis and
2018–Now ECN 503: Global Business Environment (MBA) Macro and business conditions
2018–Now ASU-EA-ECN 211: Macroeconomic Principles (BA) Online Course on Open EdX
2017 GFA-ECN 211: Macroeconomic Principles (BA) MOOC on EdX
2015–Now ECN 715: Topics Class on Research Methods (PhD) Applied research tools
2015–2019 ECN 494: Contemporary Topics in Macroeconomics (BA) Updated to ECN-411
Examples of online teaching materials
ECN-411 Analysis of the U.S. economy, BA level.
Video The "4-1-1" on the U.S. economy Trailer for course
Video The Forecast Cycle Course unit
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ECN-211 Macroeconomic Principles, BA level.
Video Course trailer video Trailer for course
Video Real GDP per capita Introduction to section on real GDP per capita
Interactive Cross-country per capita income differences Map with explanation in form of
interactive questions
Interactive Household’s labor-supply lab Utility maximization without derivatives
Interactive Adverse selection in health insurance market Interactive explanation of Nobel-Prize
worthy idea
Interactive Wage rigidities and unemployment Interactive on how wage rigidities can result in
Video Financial crisis of 2008 Video with personal anecdote about crisis
Interactive Comparative advantage and trade Nothing better than explaining things through pies
and ice cream
Advisory A Reseach-oriented curriculum in Economics, BA level.
Webpage Page with videos and course recommendations
Advises ASU undergraduate students
who are interested in choosing a
more quantitive and research-oriented
curriculum in economics.
Other teaching experience
2019 INSEAD, Visiting professor.
2019 Summer
MGE: Macroeconomics in the Global Economy (MBA)
2013–2015 UC Berkeley, Adjunct professor.
2014–2015 ECN 141: Advanced Econometrics honors econometrics
2013 ECN 140: Econometrics
2009–2014 VU University Amsterdam, Part-time professor.
2009–2014 Advanced Macroeconomics (MA)
2009–2014 International Economics (BA)
2007 City University of New York Graduate Center, Visiting professor.
2007 Econometrics II (PhD)
2007 New York University, Adjunct professor/PhD Student.
2002–2008 Macroeconomic Theory (MA) 2-semester sequence in macroeconomic theory
1999 Intermediate Macroeconomics (BA) Summer course
1998 Principles of Macroeconomics (BA) Summer course
1997 Principles of Microeconomics (BA) Summer course
1996 Introduction to Econometrics (BA)
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Student advising
Arizona State University
Sujan Bandyopadhyay (committee, current), Matthew Millington (advisor, current),
Long Qian (advisor, current), Siyu Shi (advisor, current), Mehrdad Esfahani (co-
advisor, 2021, Roanoke College), Alberto Vindas-Quesada (advisor, 2019, Central
Bank of Costa Rica), Ryan Wessel (committee, 2016, LDS Church)
BA Kevin Winseck (2019), Peter Scobas (2017)
University of California at Berkeley
BA Trace Levinson (2015), Alexander Nussbacher (2014)
VU University Amsterdam
Dennis Bonam (committee, 2016, DNB), Petr Sedláček (committee, 2011, University
of Bonn), Zoltan Wolf (committee, 2011, Census Bureau)
Ashwin Kumar (2014), Cindy Biesenbeek (2014), Davey Slenders (2013), Wouter de
Wit (2012), Matthijs Triep (2012, co-advisor), Christina Baicoianu (2011), Marco
Kamstra (2010)
New York University
Hitesh Makhija (2008), Phil Castoro (2007), Agnes Biec (2004), Luis Oliva (2003)
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