Bart Hobijn
Department of Economics, Arizona State University
501 E. Orange St.
Tempe, AZ 85287-9801, USA
T +1-480-965-0215
March 20, 2019
Because of the applied focus of my research and my 15 years of experience as a
research economist at the Federal Reserve, I give speeches on a broad range of
macroeconomic topics to non-academic audiences. The topics range from global
economic developments, to monetary policy, to labor market conditions. The
audiences that I have spoken to include business executives, hedge-fund managers,
HR executives, workforce development staff, and, of course, policy makers. Below is
a list of recent presentations.
Recent presentations
2019 Current Monetary Policy Conundrums AZ Consular Corps
2019 I.O.U.S.A.: A Decade and More than 10,000,000,000,000 Dollars Later Aerobics
for the
2018 All Systems Go for the U.S. Economy ASU Economic Forecast Luncheon
2018 Quantitative Easing and Other Unconventional Monetary Policies Wiseguise lunch
2018 U.S. Economic Developments and Global Supply Chains Institute for Supply Chain
Management, Arizona
2017 The Common Challenges of the Major World Economies Shanghai National
Accounting Institute
2017 The Present and Future of the U.S. Labor Market AZHREF, HR executives
2016 Workforce Development Benchmarks AZ@Work, Workforce development
2016 What’s Up with Wage Growth? Spinoza Foundation
2016 The Past, Present, and Future of the U.S. Labor Market AZHREF, HR executives
2014 On How the Digital Economy Shapes our Labor Markets OECD Working Party on
Digital Economy
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Below a list of recent news articles in which I got quoted on topics related to my
research. Press coverage directly related to my research papers can be found on the
Research page on this site.
Recent interviews
2018 Despite gains, Arizona African Americans still lag in employment, income Cronkite
2018 A decade after recession, a jump in U.S. states with wage gains Reuters
2017 Cold War espionage paid off—until it backfired Science Magazine online
2017 Some Phoenix-Area Workers Surprised To Learn They Have ’High-Wage’ Jobs KJZZ
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